Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Batch: 4-005 Buckwheat Traditional

I have a paper that needs to be written so, of course, I had a busy day of avoiding work by playing in the mead. I racked 4-002, 4-004, and I brewed a new batch of Buckwheat Traditional. Interestingly, the OG: 1.102 is the same as the last buckwheat traditional I brewed.

I am worried about 4-004, however. The SG: 1.072 and fermentation is so slow. I may have to restart with another shot of EC-1118.

-Safari Bob

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Batch: 4-004 Blackberry Traditional

Friday, I brewed a new batch of sweet elixir of the gods! I am working on traditionals here lately and I continue with a blackberry honey. This honey is not like I expected; it is much lighter and completely crystalized. I had some difficulty getting the honey solvent and I had to use a little less water than I had hoped. I used the same recipe and yeast as 4-003 and, with the reduced amount of water, the OG was the same: 1.098.

Also, I cracked open some Black and Red (the buckwheat traditional) and oh my! it is tasty! I was expecting a much more bitter brew but even though it is dry, it does display some subtle sweetness. I may only brew traditionals from now on!

- Safari Bob

Friday, April 4, 2008

Batch 4-001 Bottled: Winter's Flagon

Today, I bottled batch 4-001: Winter's Flagon (OG: 1.060; FG: 0.992; ABV: 9.1%). This batch is apfelwein and a departure from what I normally brew. I was able to get from a 5 gallon batch (6) 1.5L Magnums and (16) Pint Flip-tops.

Winter's Flagon is sour with a distinctive 'Granny Smith' apple aftertaste that is crisp and clean. It is a great winter potable that reminds me (for some reason) of the Pub in the Dragon Lance books. I can well imagine this being served in some fictional bar from which all D&D adventures begin.

-Safari Bob