Saturday, September 22, 2007

Adventures in Racking 1.0

Tonight I racked two batches of sweet, sweet mead. For those who are scoring at home, "racking" is when the mazer (or pipe-smoking semi-ridiculous bald guy) transfers the mead into a new carboy and off of the "lees." Lees refers to the sediment that accumulates in the bottom of the carboy or bucket during the fermentation process.

Batch 3-002
This mead eventually will be a dry sparkling (or live) raspberry vanilla melomel. I brewed it 26 January 2007 and it is still clearing. Some lees had accumulated and I racked with the shameless hope that it would excellerate the clearing process.
(OG: 1.080; SG: 1.010; ABV: 9.2%)

Batch 3-004
This mead is a Cyser or mead made with apples or apple juice. I started it 16 June 2007 and it is almost clear enough to bottle. I enjoy cysers and I like to brew them although this one is a little different; I have added vanilla beans to give it (hopefully) a creamy texture.
(OG: 1.138; SG: 1.014; ABV: 17.1%)

Soon I will bottle 3-004 and then I will brew the buckwheat honey varetial...


Friday, September 21, 2007

New Drinking Horn

This horn is a beauty! The artisans at are both talented and open to new ideas for work. When I ordered this horn, I simply asked Ross what he recommended and viola! The inside is coated with a resin so I could imbibe mulled mead but they also will line with bee's wax.

The engraving is of two goats at rampant facing each other. In the negative space created by the goats a thor's hammer is formed. The horn itself is almost translucent and when one looks inside the opening, on can see the shadow of the engraving. It is beautiful and I am well pleased.

I intend to order another drinking horn from Shrewwood soon. This time I hope to have them work some sort of scene that includes a stag. Until my next post, enjoy a cup, horn, or glass of mead!



Thursday, September 20, 2007

A New Horn and A New Batch

Welcome to the first post! I know of no other blog dedicated to the sweet hobby of mead making. I have been brewing mead for around four years and I do enjoy it.

Today I recieved in the mail my new mead horn.

What is a mead horn you ask? It is a bovine horn out of which someone quaffs sweet mead. I ordered mine from and it is spectacular! On the horn is engraved two goats butting heads while in the center is a thor's hammer. They did an excellent job and I am well pleased.

To celebrate, I brewed a new batch of mead that is my first attempt at a "varietal." This is a traditional or show mead using a single variety of honey. Batch 3-006 is made from orange blossom honey. OG 1.108 (14% -15% Potential ABV).

In the future I will attempt a varietal from buckwheat honey. This honey is strong and dark; I am warned that buckwheat varietals are not for the young and make Guinness seem like PBR (whatever that means). Also, I am told, buckwheat varietals require a good 3 years of aging...well shall see.