Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Mead of 2011: Pyment

Today, I mixed my first batch of must for 2011. Nancy requested that I make a pyment so she can mull it in the fall (she loves mulled wine). It has been four years since I made a pyment and, since it is intended to mull, I decided to make a simple one. After all, it is going to get heated and spiced right before quaffing so why should I get all fancy? I hope she will like it! Here is the recipe:

5 gal 100% Grape Juice (red)
6 lbs clover honey
2 tbsp pectin enzyme
2 tbsp yeast nutrient
1 pkt EC-1118 (dry)
OG:1.092; Potential ABV: 12.3%


-Safari Bob