Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Batch 5-002: Blackberry Cyser

Today I brewed another batch. It has been sometime since I brewed a melomel and I was thinking about blackberries. Finally, I settled on a blackberry cyser. Here's the recipe:

1 gal clover honey
12 lbs blackberries
Apple juice to 5 gal
5 tsp yeast nutrient
2 1/2 tsp pectin enzyme
1 pkt K1V-1116 (hydrated)

Secondary (planned)
2 vanilla beans

OG: 1.136 (Potential ABV @18%)

I pureed the blackberries in apple juice to create a slurry and added directly to the glass carboy. I have not tried this before but I no longer have a brew bucket so I guess I'll see how it works. The must sure tastes great!


-Safari Bob