Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Raider Red: Batch 3-008 is Bottled

Today I bottled batch 3-008 which is a cyser I brewed on 10 November 2007. This cyser was brewed with mint honey and finished with a distinct red hue. In order to commemorate TTU's come from behind victory in the Gator Bowl, I have named this batch Raider Red. Out of a 5 gallon batch, I bottled the following:

6 1.5 liter bottles
7 750 ml bottles
2 16 oz Grolsch bottles

The mead is smooth, sweet, and smacks of apple, vanilla, and mint. I can't wait to see how it ages.
OG: 1.144; FG: 1.022; ABV: 17.9% (adjusted)

-Safari Bob

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