Friday, August 5, 2011

2011 Cactus Challenge

Oh yes! It is time for the 2011 Cactus Challenge where legends are made and dreams are crushed. Hopefully, my dream of a ribbon will not be crushed this year but I have had terrible results overall this competition season. Only the Little Joe's received anything (an Honorable Mention). I really have to step up my game.

This year I am entering 5 meads:

  • Black Stone: Dry Mead (24A)

  • Autumn Harvest: Cyser (25A)

  • Mango Chili: Other Fruit Melomel (25C)

  • Yuletide: Metheglin (26A)

  • Little Joe's Cream Mead: Open Category Mead (26C)

I'm dipping into the cellar on a couple of these. The Yuletide is the second batch I ever made while the Autumn Harvest is the fourth. Hopefully the aging will help with complexity and bring home some bling!

-Safari Bob

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