Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Arizona Mead Cup

Oh yes! Competition season is starting and it's time to get in gear. This year I am sending a couple of entries to the 2012 Arizona Mead Cup sponsored by the Brewmeisters Anonymous homebrew club in Phoenix Arizona and is taking place 31 March & 1 April. This contest is part of the Great Arizona Homebrew Competition.

I love homebrew contests although I did not do so well last year (only one ribbon). Still, my goal is to win at least one ribbon in some cider category this year and I will hopefully snag a couple for mead as well. Of course, each contest seems to privilege different kinds of entries and I am trying to adapt my strategy accordingly. For instance, sweeter meads did well at the Cactus Challenge last year while dry meads scored higher at the Bluebonnet.

In any event, it is always fun to see what others think about your homebrew. What are you sending this year? What competitions are you going to enter?

-Safari Bob


UPDATE: 8 April 2012

Kokopelli, a hard cider with habanero, won silver in the 28D: Special Cider & Perry - Other category with a score of 40!

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