Saturday, September 22, 2007

Adventures in Racking 1.0

Tonight I racked two batches of sweet, sweet mead. For those who are scoring at home, "racking" is when the mazer (or pipe-smoking semi-ridiculous bald guy) transfers the mead into a new carboy and off of the "lees." Lees refers to the sediment that accumulates in the bottom of the carboy or bucket during the fermentation process.

Batch 3-002
This mead eventually will be a dry sparkling (or live) raspberry vanilla melomel. I brewed it 26 January 2007 and it is still clearing. Some lees had accumulated and I racked with the shameless hope that it would excellerate the clearing process.
(OG: 1.080; SG: 1.010; ABV: 9.2%)

Batch 3-004
This mead is a Cyser or mead made with apples or apple juice. I started it 16 June 2007 and it is almost clear enough to bottle. I enjoy cysers and I like to brew them although this one is a little different; I have added vanilla beans to give it (hopefully) a creamy texture.
(OG: 1.138; SG: 1.014; ABV: 17.1%)

Soon I will bottle 3-004 and then I will brew the buckwheat honey varetial...


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