Thursday, September 20, 2007

A New Horn and A New Batch

Welcome to the first post! I know of no other blog dedicated to the sweet hobby of mead making. I have been brewing mead for around four years and I do enjoy it.

Today I recieved in the mail my new mead horn.

What is a mead horn you ask? It is a bovine horn out of which someone quaffs sweet mead. I ordered mine from and it is spectacular! On the horn is engraved two goats butting heads while in the center is a thor's hammer. They did an excellent job and I am well pleased.

To celebrate, I brewed a new batch of mead that is my first attempt at a "varietal." This is a traditional or show mead using a single variety of honey. Batch 3-006 is made from orange blossom honey. OG 1.108 (14% -15% Potential ABV).

In the future I will attempt a varietal from buckwheat honey. This honey is strong and dark; I am warned that buckwheat varietals are not for the young and make Guinness seem like PBR (whatever that means). Also, I am told, buckwheat varietals require a good 3 years of aging...well shall see.



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