Friday, September 21, 2007

New Drinking Horn

This horn is a beauty! The artisans at are both talented and open to new ideas for work. When I ordered this horn, I simply asked Ross what he recommended and viola! The inside is coated with a resin so I could imbibe mulled mead but they also will line with bee's wax.

The engraving is of two goats at rampant facing each other. In the negative space created by the goats a thor's hammer is formed. The horn itself is almost translucent and when one looks inside the opening, on can see the shadow of the engraving. It is beautiful and I am well pleased.

I intend to order another drinking horn from Shrewwood soon. This time I hope to have them work some sort of scene that includes a stag. Until my next post, enjoy a cup, horn, or glass of mead!



1 comment:

Leofwine said...

I love this Blog of yours on mead brewing and the pipe smoker blog as well. Your drinking horn with the goats and Thor's hammer is very cool. I carve drinking horns too. Thank you for writing these blogs. Hail Thor!!!