Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Arrival: Mint Honey

I have a new honey: Mint Honey. I have not heard of this varietal but I cannot wait to try a show mead made of this. I am curious as to how much yeast nutrient I will need of if I should add yeast energizer.

I may, however, introduce fresh mint into the secondary - thus making it a methglyn - or I may try something else. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Here is the description of this honey:

Our Mint Honey is very dark, but does not have the strong flavor you would expect. It has a minty aftertaste, but many people say they taste only the richness that can be found in Mint Honey.

Mmm... a rich, full-bodied mead with a dark color and minty aftertaste. Sign me up!

-Safari Bob

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