Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Batch 3-002 is Bottled

Tonight, I bottled batch 3-004; a blackberry vanilla dry mead that is oh, so tasty! OG: 1.080; FG: 0.998; ABV: 11%. I brewed this batch on 26 January 2007 and it was still a tad cloudy. I gt a little over 15 liters out of a 5 gallon batch including: 12 1 liter flip-top bottles, 1 2 liter growler, and 2 16 oz Grolsch bottles.

Initial tasting: smooth, dry but with a distinct blackberry cream flavor. I am curious as to how it will age, although I do not plan to let it sit long. It is dry but I think it will taste great over ice or chilled. Here is the recipe:

Batch 3-002
12 lbs Clover Honey
4 gals distilled water
5 tsp yeast nutrient
4 oz blackberry extract (at bottling)
1 vanilla bean (in secondary)
Lavlin D-47

I couldnt resist including a jack-o-lantern for Halloween! Enjoy a cold, adult beverage after the kids have made their rounds and remember those who have gone before you. In Lubbock, the locals celebrate The Day of the Dead; this is much different than what this Midwestern boy is used to. I cannot bring myself to criticize any holiday that forces me to celebrate it with sweet, glorious mead!


-Safari Bob

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p1-ferrari said...

We should meet up at H&L sometime and you can bring some of that brew to share :).