Sunday, October 17, 2010

Batch 6-004: Kokopelli

Today was another busy day in the cider! I racked 6-005 the pumpkin cider (OG: 1.050; SG: 1.004; ABV: 6.1%) and I added 5 cinnamon sticks (crushed) and 2 vanilla beans to the secondary. I really hope that it tastes like pumpkin pie! Mmm... pumpkin pie...

I also bottled Kokopelli, 6-004 the habañero cider (OG: 1.050; FG: 1.002; ABV: 6.4%). I can not believe how quickly these ciders clear! The color is a clear gold and the apple flavor coupled with the habañero burn... oh, so tasty! This should be a crowd pleaser on a cold, autumn evening around the bon fire.

Finally, I am preparing my entries for The Hoppy Halloween Challenge 2010. I am sending The Prickly Pecker and the Kokopelli--even though it is so young. I can't wait to see how the are rated!


-Safari Bob

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