Saturday, October 6, 2007

Batch 3-004 is Bottled

Tonight I bottled batch 3-004: a cyser that is just in time for Halloween! (OG: 1.138; FG: 1.014; ABV: 17.1% after backfill) I collected a little over 15 liters from my original 5 gallons - I need to work on less waste.

Initial tasting: smooth, sweet with a light cinnamon. The vanilla is present and the cyser does have a creamy texture with a touch of alcohol with should mellow with time. I find it already drinkable. Here is the recipe:

12 lbs Clover Honey
1 lb Brown Sugar
1.12 oz Apple Pie Spice
1 Whole Vanilla Bean (in secondary)
Apple Juice to 5 gallons
5 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 packet K1v-1116 (hydrated as per instructions)
OG: 1.138

This batch does constitute a first for me in that I am experimenting with fermentation. In addition to the 8 magnum bottles of still cyser, I collected 6 "Grolsch" bottles (the homebrewer's best friend) in which I added Munton's CarbTabs with the hope that it will carbonate. I did consider adding honey but the CarbTabs offer better control for potential replication. We shall see.

-Safari Bob

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