Monday, October 8, 2007

Batch 3-007 Brewfest: Buckwheat Bonanza!

Tonight I brewed batch 3-007 which is a dry to medium traditional buckwheat varietal. The must is dark, similar to a good, strong porter, and does have a sweet flavor reminicent of raisins or figs. Although I only added the hydrate yeast 45 minutes ago, already a few bubbles have escaped through the air lock. I have a good feeling about this batch!

In The Compleat Meadmaker, by Ken Schram, buckwheat traditional meads are said to be strong, potent, and needing at least a year of age in the bottle or cask. Already I am thinking of adding oak in the aging process but I do want the experience of tasting a pure buckwheat brew. Lord knows I have a decent cellar but can I wait 2 - 3 years?

Here is the recipe:

Batch 3-007
1 gallon raw buckwheat honey
water to 5 gallons
5 tsp yeast nutrient
1 pack EC-1118; hydrated as per manufacturer specs
OG: 1.102; Potential ABV: 13.4%

Simple and, I hope, tasty. I used EC-1118 because I want it to finish dry to medium with a target FG: 1.00. I will not hamper fermentation in any event.

-Safari Bob

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Carl said...

Mead Smead, send me a gallon to sample and we'll talk.