Friday, October 12, 2007

Mead I Have Known: Old Winyard

The first pyment I attempted was batch 3-001 later to be known as Old Winyard. This mead is smooth, medium to sweet, and, to me, tastes like a rich merlot. I did have some miscues as I added way too much honey but it fermented and cleared quickly and tastes great (I could be biased however). Here is the recipe:

12 lbs Clover Honey
64 oz water
3+ gal of 100% Grape Juice
Lavlin EC-1118
(OG: 1.166!; FG: 1.026; ABV: 18.7%!)

I brewed 12 January 07 and bottled 14 March 07. It was drinkable soon after bottling and has recieved some good reviews by various imbibers. I bottled in 375 ml bottles for the sake of humaity; 18.7% is nothing to quaff.

-Safari Bob

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